33+ Best Wedding Décor Ideas in South Africa

Your wedding decor sets the tone and ambiance for your entire celebration. From the ceremony to the reception, your decor choices bring your wedding vision to life. If you’re planning a wedding in South Africa, you have so many fantastic options when it comes to selecting your decor elements.

South Africa is blessed with a warm climate and natural beauty. You can take advantage of gorgeous outdoor settings and create al fresco ceremonies and receptions. Or if you prefer, there are countless elegant venues for indoor events.

When planning your South African wedding, it’s important to choose decor that reflects your style as a couple. Here are some of the most popular wedding decor trends for South African weddings:

  • Nature-inspired – Incorporate lush greenery, flowers, wood elements
  • Vintage – Use antique props like books, globes, birdcages
  • Rustic chic – Burlap, mason jars, mix of metals, wood
  • Boho – Lots of drapery, macrame, bold colors and patterns
  • Modern – Sleek furniture, marble, concrete, geometric shapes
  • Luxe – Gold accents, crystals, mirrors, candlelight

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through all the best wedding decor ideas and trends for South African weddings. From flowers to lighting and everything in between, we’ll help you create a beautifully decorated event that wows your guests!

Key Takeaways:

Some key ideas to remember when planning your South African wedding decor:

  • Select a cohesive wedding decor style or theme to tie everything together – rustic chic, modern, vintage.
  • Incorporate lush greenery, protea, orchids and other beautiful South African flowers into your wedding decor.
  • Use candles to create a romantic, intimate ambiance. Votives, lanterns and candelabras add lovely light.
  • Choose eye-catching ceremony backdrops like grand floral installations, fabric drapes, or greenery garlands.
  • Line the aisle with floral petals, lanterns, luminaries or other decor to guide guests.
  • Style reception lounge areas with plush seating, coffee tables, pillows and rugs.

Popular Wedding Decor Styles in South Africa

Your wedding decor style sets the tone for your entire celebration. When deciding on your wedding decor, it’s important to choose a cohesive style or theme that represents you and your partner. Here are some of the most popular wedding decor styles for South African weddings:

Nature-Inspired Wedding Decor in South Africa

Nature-Inspired Wedding Decor in South Africa

Nature themes are very popular for South African weddings, given the beautiful natural scenery in this country. Some specific nature-inspired ideas include:

  • Greenery – Incorporate leaves, trees, vines, ferns, and other lush greens into your decor. Adorn ceremony aisles and altar with greenery garlands. Use leafy centerpieces.
  • Wood elements – Wooden chairs, signage, altar backdrops, and table numbers made from wood bring natural warmth. Distressed wood is stylish for a rustic vibe.
  • Flowers – South Africa has so many gorgeous blooms to choose from. Roses, protea, and gerbera daisies give a natural look.
  • Earthy tones – Go for sand, stone, and natural fabrics like burlap or linen for earthy elegance.
  • Water features – Many venues have ponds, lakes, or ocean views. Incorporate water into your decor with floating flowers, lanterns on water, etc.

Rustic Chic Wedding Decor in South Africa

Rustic Chic Wedding Decor in South Africa

Rustic chic weddings are charming and homey. Some rustic chic decor ideas include:

  • Burlap – Burlap runners, tablecloths, chair sashes, signs, and more give a homespun feel. Opt for lace trim for a pretty touch.
  • Mason jars – These versatile jars serve as vases, drinkware, votive holders, and decor. Tie fabric around them.
  • Mix of metals – Iron, tin, copper, and silver metals have an antiqued, mismatched look. Use for lighting fixtures, vases, etc.
  • Wood – Incorporate wood slices, boxes, crates, signage. Distressed and rough-cut wood fits the aesthetic.
  • Flowers – Wildflower bouquets and centerpieces enhance the rustic chic style. Roses, baby’s breath, daisies work well.

Vintage Wedding Decor in South Africa

Vintage Wedding Decor in South Africa

Vintage-style weddings are chic and romantic. Vintage decor ideas in South Africa:

  • Antique props – Incorporate items like vintage books, globes, birdcages, etc. as decor items.
  • Lace – Choose lace tablecloths, chair covers, sashes, and other linens.
  • Candlelight – Candles give off a classic, romantic glow. Use candelabras, votives, hurricane lamps.
  • Classic flowers – Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and carnations have a classic elegance.
  • Persian rugs – Layer Persian rugs around your reception or ceremony space.
  • Vintage furniture – Mismatched antique chairs, couches, and tables add to the vintage style.

There are so many ways to give your South African wedding a nature-inspired, rustic chic, or vintage aesthetic. Keep your decor cohesive by sticking to your chosen style.

Choosing Flowers and Centerpieces

Your wedding flowers and centerpieces bring vibrant beauty to your South African wedding decor. With so many gorgeous blooms to choose from, how do you select floral decor elements that enhance your wedding style?

Here are tips for choosing flowers and designing stunning centerpieces:

Selecting Wedding Flowers

South Africa has a diverse range of flowers that suit any wedding palette. Popular picks include:

  • Roses – A classic rose bouquet and arrangements never go out of style. Select garden roses for a romantic look.
  • Protea – South Africa’s national flower. Its unique, textured blooms come in cream, pink, red hues.
  • Gerbera daisies – Available in a rainbow of bright, happy colors. Perfect for a joyful wedding style.
  • Lilies – Stargazer lilies add dramatic elegance with tall stems and ruffled blooms.
  • Tulips – For spring weddings, tulips bloom in vibrant colors like pink, coral, yellow.
  • Dahlias – Impressive, multi-layered flower heads in fun colors like magenta, peach, lime.
  • Hydrangeas – Large clustered hydrangea blooms create volume. Choose white for purity or blue for color pop.
  • Orchids – Exotic orchids like cymbidiums and dendrobiums add organic beauty.
  • Chrysanthemums – “Chrysanthemums” come in all sizes and colors, perfect as filler blooms.

Designing Floral Centerpieces

Your centerpieces serve as focal points on reception tables. Here are creative ideas:

  • Elevated arrangements – Tall floral designs raise flowers to eye level in clear or metallic vases.
  • Suspended centerpieces – Hang flower balls or wreaths above table tops for whimsical style.
  • Wreaths – Create rings of blooms on your tables in shapes like hearts or ovals.
  • Low, lush designs – Keep flowers low for intimate conversation over the table.
  • Clusters of vases – Scatter stacks of vases down tables with loose, organic arrangements.
  • Flower runners – Line the entire length of tables with sweet flowering vines.
  • Candle-flower combos – Encircle pillar candles with rings of flowers for luminous style.
  • Botanical designs – Show off colorful protea, orchids, bird of paradise and other exotic blooms.
  • Greenery accents – Weave in eucalyptus, ferns or ivy vines for fresh flair.
  • Seasonal blooms – Use whatever is fresh and in season for your date.

Additional Tips:

  • Stick to your wedding color palette with blooms that match your hues. White flowers also work with any color scheme.
  • Design centerpieces to complement your wedding style – sleek and modern, rustic chic, romantic vintage, etc.
  • Make sure flowers enhance your venue decor, rather than compete with it.
  • Use floral styles that allow guests to easily see and chat across the table.

Your flowers will bring your South African wedding decor to life. Take inspiration from your venue, season, and style to make confident floral choices!

Wedding Table Decor Ideas in South Africa

Wedding Table Decor Ideas in South Africa

In addition to your floral centerpieces, your table decor plays a key role in bringing your wedding reception design to life. Table details create an immersive atmosphere and give guests something eye-catching to admire. Here are creative table decor ideas for South African weddings:


Linens act as your blank canvas, so choose colors and fabrics that enhance your theme:

  • Earthy hues – Go for sand, mocha, sage green, or blush pink linens.
  • Metallic sheen – Gold, rose gold, or silver tablecloths and napkins add glam.
  • Textured fabrics – Try burlap, lace, sequins, or embroidered linens.
  • Overlays – Sheer overlays on tables, like tulle or lace runners, add dreamy texture.

Place Settings

Dress up place settings with these accents:

  • Table numbers – Number tables with creative displays – framed photos, chalkboards, vintage objects.
  • Menus – Place printed menus, chalkboard menus, or digital screens detailing food.
  • Name cards – Welcome guests with calligraphy, creative hangers, or DIY details on cards.
  • Charger plates – Metallic, patterned, or glass chargers under dinner plates add flair.
  • Napkin details – Wrap napkins with rings, tie with ribbon, or fold in creative shapes.

Table Decor

Further decorate tables with:

  • Candles – Sets of candlesticks, pillar candles, mercury glass votives.
  • Greenery and vines – Trailing vines, ferns, eucalyptus add organic style.
  • Lanterns – Glass, metal, ceramic lanterns with LED candles or flower arrangements inside.
  • Wood elements – Rustic wood slices, tree stump rounds, and craft wood boxes.
  • Books – Vintage books stacked to decorate tables.

Specialty Tables

Some unique tablescapes to consider:

  • Cake table – Drape backdrop, candled pedestals surrounding cake, chocolate or fruit displays.
  • Dessert/candy table – Artful displays of mini desserts, candy jars, macarons, doughnuts.
  • Welcome table – Place engagement photos, guestbook, escort cards, favors.
  • Bar table – Stylish decanters, cocktail menus, bar essentials, glassware.

With creative linens, floral centerpieces, and eye-catching accents, you can design reception tables that delight your guests and fit your South African wedding style perfectly.

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Wedding Ceremony Decor Tips in South Africa

Wedding Ceremony Decor Tips in South Africa

Your wedding ceremony decor sets the tone for your entire celebration. Whether you’re having an outdoor garden wedding or a chic hotel ballroom event, your ceremony decor should complement your venue and style. Here are ideas to decorate your South African wedding ceremony:

Ceremony Backdrop

An elegant backdrop instantly elevates your aisle and altar. Popular backdrops include:

  • Florals – Suspend grand floral installations, arches, or wreaths behind your officiant.
  • Greenery – Line the wall with cascading vines, leaves, ferns, or eucalyptus garlands.
  • Fabric – Light and airy fabrics like chiffon, tulle, or gauze draped along back wall.
  • Balloons – Float clouds of balloons in your wedding colors behind altar.
  • Paper – Creative paper decor like large paper flowers, pom poms, pinwheel discs.
  • Wood – Affix open wood shutters, salvaged doors, or planks of wood to the wall.
  • Lighting – Hang pendant lights, globe string lights, or neon signs as focal points.

Aisle Decor

Guiding guests to their seat with aisle decor:

  • Floral petals – Scatter fresh or silk rose petals down the aisle.
  • Lanterns – Line aisle with matching hanging lanterns.
  • Candles – Place staggering pillar candles or votives along each side.
  • Signpost – Direct guests to seats with charming signpost.
  • Chalkboard – Outline aisle with mini chalkboards displaying table numbers.
  • Flower stands – Top pillars or stands with beautiful floral designs.

Altar Decor

Beautify the altar table with:

  • Floral arrangements – Lush standing sprays, cascading garlands, bouquet vases.
  • Candles – Surround ceremony with candlelight using votives, candelabras, hurricane lamps.
  • Greenery – Drape eucalyptus vines across altar table.
  • Fabric – Crisp linens or gauzy fabric runner along altar table.

Seating Decor

Finally, decorate the ceremony chairs and pews:

  • Fabric ties – Wrap chairs with flowing sashes, ties, or coverings.
  • Floral ties – Bind chairs with a floral corsage, wreath, or bloom.
  • Signs – Hang signs from chairs to designate special rows for family.
  • Garlands – Drape greenery, vines, or flower garlands along rows.
  • Bow clips – Affix bows onto pew or chair ends for whimsy.
  • Flower stands – Top aisle chair ends with statement floral designs.

Tying everything together with cohesive decor transforms your ceremony into an inviting space for exchanging vows. Delight guests from the moment they arrive with aisle and seating decor as you set the stage for your grand entrance!

Wedding Reception Decor Ideas in South Africa

Wedding Reception Decor Ideas in South Africa

The reception decor is crucial for setting the tone of celebration with your guests. Use reception decor to bring your wedding theme to life. Here are ideas for beautifully decorating your South African wedding reception:


Make a statement as guests arrive with entry decor:

  • Red carpet – Unroll bold red or patterned carpet.
  • Floral arch – Suspend a breathtaking floral installation over entry.
  • Balloons – Line entry with bold balloons in wedding colors.
  • Signage – Welcome guests with eye-catching script neon signs.
  • Lanterns – Illuminate path with hanging lanterns.

Head Table

Decorate the main head table with:

  • Floral runner – Adorn table with lush garlands or potted arrangements.
  • Candles – Place delicate votives, sleek tapers, or candelabras.
  • Greenery – Incorporate trailing vines, ferns, leafy accents.
  • Fabric – Cream linens with gauzy overlays create an airy feel.
  • Signage – Creative metal, chalkboard or neon “Mr & Mrs” sign.

Cake/Dessert Table

Showcase cake and sweets on a stylish table:

  • Bold backdrop – Drape fabric, install floral/balloon backdrop.
  • Height – Raise on glass riser or gold stand for drama.
  • Flowers – Encircle with blooms, greenery.
  • Candles – Place votives around base, candelabras beside.
  • Signage – Add custom signs like “Sweet Celebration” in style of your wedding.

Bar Area

Create a chic bar setting:

  • Neon signs – Vintage “Cocktails”, “Cheers”, or custom name signs.
  • Fabric – Suspend swags, pennants, paper fans above bar.
  • Florals – Adorn bar facade with fresh blooms.
  • Lighting – Hang string lights or paper lanterns above.

Lounge Areas

Design cozy lounge spaces:

  • Sectionals – Arrange sleek leather or velvet sectional seating.
  • Coffee tables – Top with decor books, trays of cocktail glasses.
  • Pillows – Add pops of color and comfort with patterned pillows.
  • Rugs – Layer lounge areas with ornate area rugs.

Beyond Decor…

Finally, transform the space by infusing your wedding style into every detail – stationery, lighting, rentals, and more. With your decor as the foundation, let your wedding vision shine through the entire event!

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