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With over 15 years of experience managing my own household, I’m Winny – founder and writer behind this site. Maintaining a home while juggling family, work, and life can be challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. My goal with homemaking.co.za is to equip you with the knowledge to create a warm, organized, and uplifting home environment.

My Homemaking Experience

Growing up, I learned the foundations of homemaking by watching my mother and grandmother. They taught me how to:

  • Cook wholesome, budget-friendly meals
  • Keep a tidy, sanitized kitchen
  • Do laundry and ironing properly
  • Manage household finances
  • Create a welcoming space for family

After getting married and running my own household, I discovered a real passion and skill for homemaking. I excelled at:

  • Planning nutritious weekly meals
  • Finding deals and maximizing grocery budgets
  • Keeping all rooms clutter-free and sanitized
  • Organizing closets and storage areas
  • Decorating on a budget
  • Maintaining household appliances
  • Balancing parenting and household duties

Through experience, I learned how to be an effective, efficient homemaker despite a busy schedule. After years of trial and error, I have developed reliable homemaking systems that function smoothly.

Now I have made it my mission to share my homemaking knowledge so that you can avoid stress and struggle. You deserve to enjoy the homemaking process and create a warm, tidy, and uplifting home for you and your family.

My Promise to You

When you read homemaking advice on this site, here is what I promise to deliver:

  • Practical, real-world homemaking tips and systems that actually work – tested in my own home!
  • Current information on the best homemaking products, appliances, techniques, and more. I stay on top of what works.
  • Budget-friendly guidance so homemaking feels achievable, not out of reach
  • Family-focused suggestions that help you homemake while balancing parenthood
  • Equal parts inspiration and perspiration – homemaking takes effort but should also be enjoyable!

My goal is for this site’s homemaking advice to save you time, money, and stress daily. I want to equip you to create a warm, tidy, and uplifting home that benefits your whole family.

With decades in this field and a passion for helping others, I promise to always share my best and most current homemaking insights with care, honesty and dedication. Let’s embark on this homemaking journey together!

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