Budget-Friendly Barn Wedding Décor Hacks to Save Money in 2024

Rustic barn weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a charming and intimate setting for couples to exchange their vows. However, decorating a barn for your big day can quickly become a costly endeavor. Fear not, budget-savvy brides and grooms! We’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly barn wedding décor hacks to help you achieve your dream rustic ambiance without breaking the bank in 2024.

1. DIY Décor Elements

One of the best ways to save money on barn wedding décor is to embrace the DIY spirit. Roll up your sleeves and get creative with these budget-friendly DIY projects:

  • Mason Jar Centerpieces: Collect and decorate mason jars with lace, burlap, or ribbons, and fill them with fresh flowers or candles for a rustic centerpiece.
  • Handmade Signs: Create your own wooden signs with paint or vinyl lettering to display your wedding hashtag, seating chart, or welcome message.
  • Burlap Table Runners: Burlap is an inexpensive and versatile fabric that adds a touch of rustic charm to your tables. Dress them up with lace, ribbons, or greenery.

DIY Décor Ideas:

  • Handmade wreaths
  • Painted wine bottles
  • Recycled pallets for signs or backdrops

2. Repurposed and Vintage Finds

One person’s trash can be your wedding treasure! Scour thrift stores, flea markets, and online marketplaces for unique and affordable décor pieces that can be repurposed for your barn wedding.

  • Vintage Furniture: Incorporate antique chairs, dressers, or trunks as statement pieces or dessert tables.
  • Mismatched China: Collect mismatched vintage plates, cups, and saucers for a charming and eclectic tablescape.
  • Rustic Crates and Barrels: Use wooden crates and barrels as risers for centerpieces, card boxes, or to display signage.

Repurposed and Vintage Décor Ideas:

  • Antique window frames as seating charts
  • Old ladders for displaying flowers or photos
  • Repurposed milk jugs or bottles as vases

3. Rent or Borrow

Instead of purchasing expensive décor items, consider renting or borrowing from friends, family members, or local rental companies. This can significantly reduce your overall costs while still achieving the desired rustic aesthetic.

  • Farm Equipment: Borrow or rent vintage farm equipment, such as an old tractor or wagon, to incorporate into your décor.
  • Rustic Furniture Rentals: Rent rustic tables, benches, or chairs for a cohesive and authentic barn wedding look.
  • Lighting Rentals: Rent string lights, lanterns, or chandeliers to create a warm and inviting ambiance in the barn.

Rental and Borrowing Options:

  • Wedding décor rental companies
  • Local farms or nurseries
  • Friends or family members with rustic décor items

4. Incorporate Natural Elements

Embrace the beauty of nature and incorporate free or inexpensive natural elements into your barn wedding décor. Not only will this add a touch of rustic charm, but it will also help you stay within your budget.

  • Wildflowers: Forage for wildflowers in the countryside or ask a local farmer for permission to pick them from their fields.
  • Tree Branches and Logs: Collect fallen branches or logs and use them as centerpieces or to create a rustic archway.
  • Burlap and Lace Fabrics: Use burlap and lace fabrics to create romantic and rustic table runners, chair sashes, or backdrops.

Natural Décor Ideas:

  • Moss-covered letters or numbers
  • Wheat or dried flower bouquets
  • Pumpkins or gourds for fall weddings
Décor HackDescription
DIY Décor ElementsMason jar centerpieces, handmade signs, burlap table runners
Repurposed and Vintage FindsVintage furniture, mismatched china, rustic crates and barrels
Rent or BorrowFarm equipment, rustic furniture rentals, lighting rentals
Incorporate Natural ElementsWildflowers, tree branches and logs, burlap and lace fabrics

By combining these budget-friendly barn wedding décor hacks, you can create a stunning and memorable rustic celebration without sacrificing your savings. Remember, it’s the love and commitment you share that truly matters, not the extravagance of your décor. Embrace the charm of a barn wedding and let your creativity shine through in every detail.

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