6 Popular Pork Dishes In South Africa

Pork is a beloved meat in South Africa’s diverse culinary culture. From traditional African dishes to Western classics to fusion interpretations, juicy and flavorful pork preparations star on many local menus. 

This hearty meat takes beautifully to slow braises, quick grills and contemporary seasonings. Read on as we journey across South Africa and highlight regional pork favorites, as well as both time-honored and modern pork recipes South African home cooks love preparing. 

#1. Traditional Pork Potjie Stews  

One cannot discuss South African pork dishes without mentioning the classic potjie, which translates literally to “small pot” in Afrikaans. These long-simmering stews highlight pork’s rich, fork tender textures. 

Traditional Pork Potjie Stews

Traditional preparations involve cooking over gentle glowing coals in heavy cast iron pots. The closed pot environment allows layers of spice and sweetness to permeate fall-apart pork shoulder or country-style ribs. 

Apricot jam and fiery peri peri often provide the sticky sweet-sour base marrying with onions, tomatoes and chiles. Soft carrots, potatoes and beans soak up hearty gravy as the potjie bubbles lazily for hours, filling the kitchen with comforting aromas. 

More everyday potjiekos feature humble ingredients like onions and potatoes along with plenty pork for satisfying flavor. 

Regional interpretationsexist as well – pork and potato potjies reign supreme in theFree State while fruity variations are commonin the Western Cape. 

Regardless of final veggies or spices, pork remains the star shining through each incredible meal emerging fromthese iconic pots.

Beyond traditionalslow cooking methods, many nowprepare convenient oven or Instant Pot pork potjies to similar mouthwatering effect. The key lies in allowing flavor to build gradually through extended braising. 

Modern interpretations still highlight spice blends featuring coriander, cumin and nutmeg along with regional tastes. Portuguese peri peri, Indian curry blends and Afrikaner game meat seasonings all infuse signature notes. 

Just adjust liquid to account for your appliance’s steam and select your preferred cuts – shoulder, ribs or belly all shine. through extended braising. 

For special occasions, include lamb or chicken along with pork. But purists will always champion pork potjie first and foremost!

#2. Delectable Pork Lasagna

Italy meets South Africa beautifully through flavorsome pork lasagna. In Italy, ragu bolognese lasagna with beef andtomato sauce may reign supreme. 

But South Africans do indulgent pork lasagna justice by spiking leaner pork mince with aromatic spices and herbs. Generous béchamel layers also prevent dryness while allowing the meat to sing. 

Pork Lasagna

Though classic versions feature wide flat noodles, we suggest trying traditional SA cabbage lasagna for a heartier, comforting take. Briefly blanch and then nestle blanched cabbage leaves between lush pork, sauce and cheese layers before baking or braising. 

Cheese choices arealso flexible – most opt for an eggy custard-like layer by incorporating eggs and cream into ricottaor cottage cheese. Others sprinkle regular shredded cheddar, mozzarella or Parmesan tomelt into tempting cheesy pockets. 

If you want to add veggies beyond cabbage, wilted spinach, mushrooms, caramelizedfennel and butternut squash pair beautifully with the pork and tangy tomato layers. Just ensure to drain excess moisture from these additions first. Work quickly to assemble then bake until bubbly, golden and irresistible! 

#3. Bunny Chow and Katsu

South African cuisine benefits greatly from strong Indian and Asian fusion influences. Two pork dishes in particular bear delicious fruit from theseblending of cultures and flavors: 

Bunny Chow

Durban’s large Indian community popularized bunny chow – piping hot curry served in a hollowed loaf of white bread. The carb-licious vessel soaks up incredible aromas and flavors as one dips into the spicy, saucy interior. 

Bunny Chow

Pork mince stands up especially well to fragrantcurry blends, both mild korma and hot vindaloo-inspired versions. Slow cooked pork shoulder alsoshines after a brief shred. Season the meat with traditionalcoriander, cumin and garlic then spoon into the awaiting loaf. 

Add chickpeas, potatoes or cauliflower for extra texture and serve with cooling raita, hot sauce and additional fresh bread alongside. This satisfying, unique fusion dish deserves nationwide fame! 


Crispy panko pork katsu cutlets, inspired by Japanese tonkatsu, pack serious crunch factor. Buttery soft and juicy pork gets double dipped into flour, beaten egg and finally light, airy Japanese breadcrumbs. 


After quick frying or baking, the ultrathin crisp exterior shatters giving way to tender meat. Made especially delicious when paired with sticky soy or tangy yakitori sauces. 

Mild katsu works well atop rice or noodles while spicy variants beg for cooling cucumber and carrot salad accents. Experiment with other cuts too – pork schnitzel from Germany also enjoys South African fusion love!

#4. Crispy Pork Specialties

Beyond stews and fusion bites, South Africansdo crispy pork exceptionally well. Nothing beats the textural delight of crackly golden skin and outer meat contrasting rich, juicy centers. Two preparations reign supreme for irresistible crispy pork heaven:

Apricot and Herb Crusted Pork Loin

Tenderloin gets a tangy-herby rub thenroasts until fork tender. Apricot jam, whole grain mustard and honey marry with thyme, rosemary and sage to coat the lean meat before oven roasting. 

Apricot and Herb Crusted Pork Loin

Garlic slivers inserted evenly permeate savory sweetness throughout while aiding moisture retention. High heat initially helps crisp the exterior skin which then protects delicate flesh. 

Let rest before slicing to reveal glistening rosy pork encased by irresistibly crunchy, sticky glazed crust. Fresh crackers and crusty bread for dipping highly recommended!

Crispy Air Fryer Katsu  

Earlier we discussed basic breaded pork katsu, but the air fryer takes this recipe over the top! After the standard flour, egg and panko breading procedure, katsu cutlets crisp perfectly in swirling hot air. 

Crispy Air Fryer Katsu  

While oven baking works too, the air fryer’s convection heat rapidly dehydrates the exterior while retaining juicy pork inside. Dropping temperature towards the end allows panko to bake to an ultrathin shattery crust that stays crispy even with sauce atop rice or noodles. 

Served alongside pickled ginger, soy sauce and shredded cabbage, everyone falls hard for this crispy fusion specialty!

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#5. Harissa and Miso Pork 

If you like some heat with your pork, North African harissa paste enlivens with fiery fervor. Balanced by the reserved miso-honey glaze, these intense global flavors complement pork exceptionally. 

Harissa Pork Belly

Marinate pork belly overnight in harissa paste spiked with lemon, garlic and olive oil. The chili heat permeates while enzymes tenderize meat. Roast over indirect heat, turning to quickly char yet allow rendered fat to baste the meat. Plenty of smoke builds thirst quenching flavors too. 

Harissa Pork Belly

Once nearly tender, coat the meat side in more marinadeand broil to set the glaze. The hot harissa pairs perfectly with mushroom salad, tabbouleh or simple roasted veg. Serve atop soft flatbread and let crispy crackling crunch away!

Miso Honey Pork Chops

In this recipe, sweet and savory miso infuses convenient boneless or bone-in pork chops. Puree white or yellow miso with ketchup, rice vinegar, honey and garlic then pour over chops. 

Miso Honey Pork Chops

Marinate a few hours for flavors to permeate before baking or grilling until just cooked through. The resulting tender, juicy meat shines further under the sticky lacquered miso glaze with prominent savory and subtly sweet notes. Bright snap peas, citrus wedges and pickled onion finish this wonderful dish.

#6. Vetkoek Stuffed with Curry

Who can resist crispy fried dough? Vetkoek offer fluffy pao-like appeal when stuffed with spicy fillings. Made simply by frying yeasted dough portions just like Portuguese malasadas, they get a local spin when split and filled with Cape Malay style curries. 

Vetkoek Stuffed with Curry

Spicy pork mince curry makes a natural partner, cooled by raita and chutney. Add peas, peppers or potatoes for texture. More innovative cooks may try dessert versions with Nutella or fruit jam too! 

However you fill them, vetkoek represent the diverse, irrepressibly creative character of South African cuisine!

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Sides and Accompaniments

What would a South African pork feast be without classic side dishes? These flavor-packed accents blend beautifully with pork’s versatility. 

– Pap and Umleqwa – Fluffy white corn porridge and flavorful stewed pumpkin

– Chakalaka – Spicy vegetable relish

– Morogo – African wild spinach

– Mealie pap – Stiff grits style corn porridge 

– Stywe Pap – Firm grits mixed with salt and cayenne pepper

– Phutu– Steamed ground corn kernels

– Smoky tomato sambals

– Fresh chutneys like cilantro, pineapple or tomato 

– Crispy roast potatoes, butternut, sweet potato or pumpkin

– Simple roasted carrots, broccolini and beans  

Complete your pork platter with several of these beloved regional basics. They all soak up tasty pan juices beautifully!

Conclusion on Pork Dishes In South Africa

In conclusion, South Africa offers a variety of delicious pork dishes that reflect the diverse culinary heritage of the country. From the flavorful influences of Indian spices to the hearty traditions of Afrikaner cuisine and the rich flavors borrowed from Portuguese cooking, South African pork dishes showcase a fusion of cultures and tastes.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast looking to explore new flavors or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking inspiration for your menu, the world of South African pork dishes offers a tantalizing array of options to delight your taste buds and captivate your customers.

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